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Derek  6 Nov 2017


Long term investor must only look at weekly charts and true bottoms and tops are shown with divergence. It is not me saying it, but the US gurus. Lets check this morning if it is true.

Although the US closed positively, the East is negative this morning.

I show the weekly chart of the DOW to check the theory mentioned above. The divergence was given absolutely correct for the DOW!

Lets look at Apple if we see the same? Absolutely true!

JSE Technical:
Lets have a look at the weekly chart of ANGLO. I marked the MACD breaks on this chart. Pretty accurate to keep you in the market?

Coronation broke out with a massive 6.16% gain. It looks as if Coronation can become a favorite again after they lost a lot of clients when they got the Resources move wrong.

By now you must be wondering what the weekly chart looks like? I marked the MACD breaks on it.

As the weekly charts are so important, we will work on including some weekly signals in SPOTLIGHT. Do not forget that weekly trendline breaks are already available in the program.

You must have a great week.
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