If you do not know where to invest?

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Derek  7 Nov 2017


I mentioned it before, but because PDSNET mentioned it yesterday, I will mention it again. If you do not know in what shares to invest in, choose the ones making new highs. Avoid doing bottom fishing. If you think a share cannot go higher .... it can! And if you think the bottom has been reached .... it can go lower!

All positive from US to East.

I show the HangSeng that is making a new high. Notice that the MACD broke up again.

I show Tencent this morning in the background (+2.65%). This company made new announcements that send it soaring upwards. On the left is the table of all the shares making new highs in the US. Notice Apple and Nvidia, two of my favourites, top of the list.

JSE Technical:
The list of new high's in the JSE is much shorter. And it is not Naspers or Capitec that is top of the list, it is actually resources. This is most probably the reason why Corronation's price is climbing as they are heavily invested in resources. I show no 2 on the list: Anglo American.

I have given you a mouth full of info this morning, so I will stop here.
Enjoy your day.
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