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Derek  10 Nov 2017


Although I see profit taking all around the world, only the FTSE and DAX broke their EMA8 lines downwards. All the Indices in the US dipped below the EMA8 lines to close on it? Todays move will tell if the downward moves will continue.

I show the DOW. Notice the divergence that was in place and where the MACD broke down.

I show Apple again. Also notice the divergence that is in place and that all indicators are in overbought territory.

JSE Technical:
Remgro bounced on support, but the trendline, nor the EMA8 line are broken yet. A share to watch in oversold territory.

Exarro Resources is also against resistance. this line has been touched 6 times and thus getting stronger by the day. Notice the divergence and where MACD broke down. If this resistance gets broken, it will be a strong signal. Patience is part of share trading!

You must have a fabulous weekend.
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