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Derek  17 Nov 2017


After all the investors with fear were out, the market made a very strong turn. All indices around the world positive and strong. Even the FTSE turned on support.

Lets show the Nasdaq that was the strongest and also made a new high. Notice the new trend direction.

Wal-Mart Stores had a massive +10.9% gain. Nothing technical here except that the trend line was never broken in the correction.

JSE Technical:
Shops did exceptionally well in this upturn. I show Shoprite that first broke its trendline, and then formed a J-curve. Notice where FrontRunner and MACD broke up.

After PSG went ex-divident, it also corrected, but FrontRunner and other indicators are starting to break up.

International Shares:
I keep on forgetting to mention that we have now included China Literature, the latest listing of Tencent, in the International section. Not much to see yet as it only listed last week.
We can include here any share in the world that is important. Just request and we will decide if it is important enough to include. We do need to know on what exchange it is listed.
Also included is Amadeus It group in Spain. I included that as it is the most invested share of a fund that I invested in.
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You must have a great weekend.
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