Markets taking a breather .... NCP? New share?

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Derek  20 Nov 2017


Markets around the world are taking a breather.

I show where the DAX found support with the long leg doji. The EMA8 line is not broken yet and like the other indices, the DAX also took a breather.

Lets show Apple where most of the money exchanged hands. Notice that the graph looks much the same as the DAX and that none of the trend lines are broken yet.

JSE Technical:
No, NCP is not a new share, it is the 3 shares that gained more than 3% on Friday. The first one is Naspers that is close to R 4 000 a share. Then I heard an analyst say that they value Naspers at R 6 000 a share .... WOW. Another analyst said that it is still 10% undervalued. Hopefully the truth is somewhere in between?

The next one is Capitec. Notice how top resistance was smashed and the green trend factor.

The 3rd share is PSG. I showed this share a few times last week, but lets do it again. The triangle I showed got broken out of and notice FrontRunner breaking up.

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