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Derek  27 Nov 2017


Markets are still mixed with hesitance seen. Lets show the DOW. Notice that it is in a double top situation, but indicators are in the middle of nowhere?

Johnson Johnson has now corrected all the way to the previous resistance. Trend line is not broken yet, but it looks promising.

JSE Technical:
The futher down grading by Standard & Poor came after closing on Friday. Your guess is as good as mine how the market will be influenced by this, or has prices already taken it into account?

Anglo is still hanging around the break line and EMA8 line. Best to wait to see what influence the downgrading had on our market.

After the current run, Resilient is showing resistance against resistance line.

The young people have convinced me to start looking at Bitcoins. Is this the currency of the future? We will keep you posted on development, for now I am only testing the temperature of the water. 800% profit so far this year compared to 80% of Naspers. If we can get the data, we might include it under International.
Have a great day.
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