Small mixed movements .... Double tops

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Derek  28 Nov 2017


Small mixed movements are happening around the world. The East are mainly negative this morning.
I show the DOW and look at the hesitance against resistance. 4 Small candles in a row. The double top is also still in play, unless this resistance gets broken.

Berkshire Hathaway bounced on support, but is then closing above the EMA8 line and the next day below .... no great movements like the indices. Notice where FrontRunner and MACD broke down. Currently MACD has not broken up yet, but FrontRunner did.

JSE Technical:
I get the impression that the downgrading was already reflected in prices as only some large movements took place, unless international investors are still studying the announcements.

Coronation bounced on support to close just above the EMA8 line.

Double Tops must never be under estimated. I show BID Corporation and notice what happened after the 2 double tops on this graph. Currently the turn is not in sight yet.

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