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Derek  29 Nov 2017


It has been a long time since I saw such a strong move by the DOW. It smashed top resistance and the worrying double top is not in play anymore. It is only the HangSeng that is negative this morning.

I show the DOW. Notice that the slower MACD is also breaking up. I show where FrontRunner broke up.

Johnson Johnson and Berkshire Hattaway that I showed earlier this week also smashed their trendlines. I am not showing it again, refer to the previous Market Reviews. There is about none of my favourites that did not break up.

Out of the loooong list of breaks, lets show Wells Fargo. This is one of the companies where Warren Buffet has a major share holding in.

JSE Technical:
Bid Corporation broke down through 2 supports, to shake out all the scared investors, to find footing at the 3rd support. Notice how FrontRunner showed divergence here. The downward trendline got smashed.

Remgro was a similar case where the bottom support was broken. I show this one too to illustrate the divergence of FrontRunner as shown on the chart.

I must show PSG too where top resistance were smashed. Notice where FrontRunner and MACD broke up as shown.

FrontRunner is a signal that you will not find in any other software other than TradeFX, as it was written by myself. All books say you need an indicator to show you the way forward, but fall short of giving you one. Well, in FrontRunner we have one. It takes time to understand it, but in short it shows:
1 Divergence at top and bottom .... 99% accurate.
2 Break of average, not so accurate, but if read with trend breaks, very accurate.
3 Rising bottoms, positive trend continues.
4 Falling Tops, negative trend continues.
5 Peaks above and below horisontal lines predict a futher top or bottom....99% accurate.
And some more that is too difficult to explain here.

Quite a mouthfull to digest. I will try and show this on a chart that is very busy. If you want to learn more, I have no problem showing it over a cup of coffee. Just contact me at to arrange a time.

After this long market Review, you must have a great day.
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