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Derek  5 Dec 2017


Markets are all in different directions. It is expected as we are in overbought territory in some markets, like the DOW. Notice all the overbought indicators.

Charles Schwab Corp, also one of my favourites, just moved into dark trend territory. But do notice how all the indicators are overbough. But if someone says a share cannot go higher .... believe me it can!

JSE Technical:
Banks ares still steaming ahead. I show Standard Bank that is touching an all time high!

And when someone says a share cannot go lower .... believe me it can.
Steinhoff announced extention of submitting their results .... and that was just oil on the previous fires of fancy bookkeeping???? Are the rumours true? The market thinks so! Notice the dark red negative trend that TradeFX shows, that means, stay away! It is currently making an all time low.

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