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Derek  15 Dec 2017


Not the greatest day to close off for the year! All markets negative and most of them making "Engulfing Bear" candles.

The interesting one to show is the NASDAQ that could not break top resistance.

While you may be buying gifts, I show Estee Lauder. Just when it broke top resistance, the markets put brakes on everything.

JSE Technical:
The Steinhoff saga is long not over. The latest is that Christo Wiese quits board amid accounting scandal. I spoke to an employee of Steinhoff and none of them knows what is going on, or whether they will still have a job in 2018?

The banks made a sudden turn around yesterday, but with all the negativity, I am reluctant to show anything. I show StandardBank that made a +4.79% jump yesteday.

The markets are there to frustrate you, but in the end it is still the best long term investment. So, NEVER GIVE UP, but use technichal analysis to get the odds in your favour. Make your own luck!

We hope to have the quick, cheap, internet version available early 2018 .... I already had a sneak preview. Nothing wrong to download TradeFX in the mean time and try it over the festive season as it is free for 30 days.

The next Market Review will be on 8 Jan 2018.

May you and your family have a safe and prosperous festive season.
Derek Bester
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