Only a short breather for the DOW to continue phase 3

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Derek  12 Jan 2018


The DOW only took a short breather before continuing its strong bull move. The HangSeng and FTSE are following and also making new highs.

I had to zoom out to be able to show you that the DOW is now in the 3rd phase of its bull run. No sign of it ending yet.

Like Boeing is Caterpiller one of the main drivers of the DOW. Notice the strong trend.

I am oblidged to show Intel Corporation again. It bounced yesterday without closing the window completely. Do notice however that the trend lines are not broken yet!

JSE Technical:
Resourses, resourses, resourses .... while the rest is correcting. With the RAND weakening again, we do have a few Rand Hedge shares that is moving positively.

British American Tobacco has broken its trend line and notice that the MACD has also broken up.

Richemont has also broken the negative trend line and notice where FrontRunner and MACD broke up.

Enjoy your day and do not be scared to invest in shares making new highs!
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