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Derek  15 Jan 2018


Although there are many warnings to stay away from Cryptocurrencies, more and more people are just blindly buying Bitcoins. So if you must buy some, just do it at least with some technical backing. Alwyn has now included the most popular Cryptocurrencies in TradeFX. Data is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, updated every 10 minutes. Well done Alwyn! As you can see, this market never sleep. So I kick off with this this morning.

The best trending currency is actually NEO (TrendFactor 18 709) and Bitcoin is only no. 7 on the list. I show Bitcoin to show that it has corrected to current support, but do notice that the current trend is still negative and it is currently trading below the EMA8 line.

All markets positive and on the run. I showed last week already that we moved into phase 3, this is a strong moving phase, but when the turn comes, it will be fierce .... so be very careful.

I show the DOW with its trend lines. "The trend is your friend"!

There was an article in the paper Saterday that said that the average investment on the JSE was better than that of the US. BUT at TradeFX we do not invest into the average, but rather select the best trending shares. So I ran a test with the US and JSE combined and the JSE best, Kumba, only listed about no. 28 (TrendFactor 118). So what is the best trending share? Ebix Inc is the best with a TrendFactor of 887. Notice that this TrendFactor is 7.5 times bigger than Kumba's.

JSE Technical:
Dis-Chem Pharmacies is currently forming a beautiful flag. No turn yet, but we are moving into oversold territory .... something to keep an eye on.

Sirius Real Estate has corrected all the way to support and then broke the negative trend line Friday. Notice the divergence at FrontRunner.

That was quite a mouth full for a Monday morning.
Enjoy your day.
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