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Derek  22 Jan 2018


The US steamed ahead on Friday, but small moves in the East this morning, ahead of US Government shutdown.

I show the DAX that made a nice J-curve and is moving towards resistance again.

Generel Electric Company had some bad results lately and just when you think it can turn, the news just get worse. I zoomed out quite a lot to show you where TradeFX's TrendFactor changed from yellow to red. (Stay Away) I just wanted to illustrate that you must not invest in negative trend shares.

JSE Technical:
Every time Richemont wants to break up, the Rand strengthens again to send the price correcting further. Has it found support now? I would like to see some futher positive movement. Notice that the MACD has broken up quite a while ago, but not even that helped the price.

Remgro has been moving sideways for quite a while and is struggling against current resistance. Notice that the MACD has not broken up.

You get those days when there are no action. Patience .... patience .... patience ....
The Market is build to frustrate you!
Enjoy your day.
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