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Derek  23 Jan 2018


All markets are strong positive in the East after the strong move in the US.
Even Australia turned after its correction.

I show how strong the HangSeng is. Making a new high with Tencent.

When a company bring out good results, it creates a gap and then just continue futher. I showed you last week when WYNN Resorts made such a gap and also broke its trend line. It has now made another continuation gap with a massive +8.68% gain in one day. Definately my best share in the US. I must add that the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas was the best hotel I have seen in that city. If you can affort it, that is the place to be.

Similar situation with Blackrock. Notice the 2 gaps after the results. A good strategy is to accumulate these stocks after the gap, you seldom loose.

JSE Technical:
I wanted to show PSG yesterday, but not knowing what was going to happen with the shares that Steinhoff hold, I did not. The news is out now. Steinhoff has offered their shares to the market like a new listing. You can apply for the PSG shares through your broker. It opened lower after the announcement and then managed to climb back into the triangle. I am sure that after Steinhoff is out of their hair, the trend line will be broken.

You must have a great day .... and look for those gaps!
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