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Derek  2 Feb 2018


All indices except ASX are below their EMA8 lines. Which indicates that we are still in a correction phase. So that you do not get too depressed, I show the ASX index of Australia. Notice the double bottom on support.

I show you a sneak preview of the webversion of TradeFX with Apple. I show where Apple broke its EMA8 line downwards. Notice that with the current correction that the strong trend (Dark Green) has changed to medium trend (Light Green). Alwyn has to do two more things .... then the web version will go live! Well done Alwyn. Existing users of TradeFX will get this as an add on extra and new users that do not want the full version of TradeFX, can subscribe to this economical Web version. All the shares available in TradeFX will be available on the web, even the Cryptocurrencies.

JSE Technical:
I showed Assore in the Resources sector yesterday. Today I show Exarro. Notice that it has reached strong support, but the trend line is not broken. Notice the 2 small candles next to each other. With FrontRunner these are the first signs of consolidation. With this correction Exarro has also moved into the medium trend category.

Woolworths Holdings has been in the negative trend catagory for a long time. I just wanted to show how the resistance stopped its latest advance.
This is a very strong resistance, been touched 17 times. They will have to start making a lot of profit in Australia before this line can get broken.

You must have a great weekend.
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