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Derek  6 Feb 2018


The DOW just recorded the biggest drop in one day in history. But this was also the longest gain in history before the drop. This correction will continue until institutions see great value in stocks. With these movements of the markets, I have concluded a long time ago already that one cannot be a long term investor. I believe in medium term and TradeFX is also geared for this.

The East is just following the US downwards.

Corrections are much more severe than gains. The DOW wiped out in 6 days the gains of 31 days. I show the divergence again.

So what was the biggest loss in the S&P500. Warren Buffets company : Wells Fargo dropped -9.22%. I marked the FrontRunner and MACD breaks. If you believed in it, you would have been out. (That was my last sale in the US .... but waiting for the turn)

JSE Technical:
The JSE is just following the rest of the world.

Remgro broke first support. What is noticeable in all the charts is that when FrontRunner breaks down and the HeatMaps are red, time to get out.

To illistrate it again, I show Coronation. Notice where FrontRunner broke down in the red HeatMaps. The lagging MACD is only breaking down now.

Not to sound too negative, I conclude with : What goes up, must come down, BUT what goes down must go up!

Enjoy your day.
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