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Derek  13 Feb 2018


The good news this morning is that all negative trend lines are broken and this positive sentiment is also in the East this morning.

I want to show the DOW. Notice the divergence of FrontRunner at the turn, and that the support was touched.

There are too many shares to show, but lets show one of my old favorites AVGO. I wanted to show the trend line break and divergence again. Avgo did manage to still have a yellow TrendFactor after the correction.

JSE Technical:
I showed a good list yesterday. Remgro bounced with a 3.05% rise on strong support, with divergence, broke trend line and FrontRunner trendline is also broken.

Discovery came to touch support. At the touch divergence was in place. It broke its trend line and came back to touch it again before moving in the direction of FrontRunner.

Divergence is a very important factor at turns, top or bottom. It works with any indicator, but I found it works the best with FrontRunner. Too see its full description, google it as there are many articles about divergence.

Enjoy your day!

PS Zuma is like glue .... hard to get rid of.
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