My old favourite does it again .... Zuma factor?

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Derek  15 Feb 2018


Some subdued sale figures poured some cold water over the US stocks opening, they quickly recovered to have a strong bull run. The East is also following the bull sentiment.

No use showing just positive charts, so lets continue on yesterdays FrontRunner tops and bottoms. When it rises above and below the 3 lines, I shows that the to and bottom has not been reached. And when it the reaches it with divergence .... that is it. Lets show it again on the Nikkei and I will mark them all. Notice that the bottom was yesterday and that the trend line is broken this morning .... better days coming for the Nikkei!

My old favorite, NVIDIA Corporation, did it again with a +3.78% gain.

JSE Technical: Will we see a Zuma resignation factor in our Market today? Our Market closed yesterday while the US was still in the subdued phase and thus pulled us down.

I showed the divergence of Remgro earlier this week. I show it again and it has smashed first resistance yesterday.

Lets stay with divergence. Notice the Divergence of Clicks at the turn. Clicks also smashed first resistance yesterday.

Enjoy your day .... and watch those divergences, they are magic .... all divergences are shown in Analyst expert
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