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Derek  16 Feb 2018


The current Bull run is continuing. The HangSeng is closed today, but the Nikkei, that turned last, is trying to make up lost ground.

Look how well FrontRunner showed the turn of the S&P500. Notice that the lagging MACD did not cross yet, but did show green bars. I sometimes use the bars instead of the MACD crossing, as the crossing lags too much.

I show you the list of the weeks best performars today. You can get this with the analyst expert in TradeFX. You will notice quite a few of my favourites in the list:
AMAT, NVDA, Apple, INTU .... etc. I show AMAT and notice how well FrontRunner did again.

JSE Technical:
I do not think that any of us thought that the end of the Zuma era could have had such a big influence on our market?
The old saying: " You need to be in the Market when the big moves take place!"

I show a similar list for the JSE, but here I show the Day's move. Out of the list I show Barloworld. Notice the divergence of FrontRunner at the turn and where it broke up.

To get these tables that I showed today, you run Analyst Expert on the Market you want. You can then click on any heading to sort the shares for that heading. For example, you can get all the EMA8 breaks, signals, etc. by sorting that specific column.The heading FR stands for FrontRunner.

You must have a great Weekend .... and do not underestimate the value of FrontRunner!
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