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Derek  20 Feb 2018


The US and HangSeng were closed yesterday. All other markets were mainly negative while the main markets were closed.

This morning the East is mixed with the HangSeng positive.

Look how well FrontRunner and FXC2 (Second HeatMap below chart) work together to spot market bottoms for the HangSeng.

While the US was closed and Tencent is still trending positively, lets show a FrontRunner prediction. FrontRunner dipped way below its bottom horisontal green line for McDonalds. That prediction is that that was not the true bottom. Look how its now trading lower against a perfect negative trend line. Notice the black disk in centre of graph warning you that this data is old. (Yestedays data is missing because of close). We will keep an eye on this turn, but for now hamburgers are not selling well.

JSE Technical:

While the US was closed, the JSE did not have any direction either and was mainly negative. Amplats announced a divident for the first time in 6 years and that made this share one of the few positive movers. I show the trend line break and FrontRunner again.

Since Bidcorp made a double top in Novemver 2017, it has been trending downwards. For the first time it broke this negative trend line yesterday. Do you see the divergence at the turn? (I did not mark it)

TIP on Signals:
Never rely on only one signal to make a decision, you want all the signals to work together. You want a trend line break, heatmaps that is positive, a TrendFactor that is posive and if FrontRunner also agrees .... Volla!!!! The lagging MACD is a bonus or confirmation. If you only get that right, you will do well. Remember that there are a total of 10 technical signals build into the HeatMaps, so you are looking at a lot of info consolidated into a colour line to make it visual pleasing.

Enjoy your day.
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