Market cycles are much faster .... Host of double tops.

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Derek  21 Feb 2018


With the new computer age, I have found that the market cycles became much faster? Is that your experience too?
I cannot remember when last I have seen so many double tops with divergence. My feeling is that the markets will take a breather.

After the inverted hammer in the DOW, it was expected that the US will trade lower, and it did. The HangSeng is strong positive this morning with the other markets negative.

Notice the doji, then the inverted hammer in the NASDAQ. All signs of a correction?

Bank of America also made the double top that I mentioned with divergence. Notice the 2 doji's (uncertainty).

JSE Technical:
I will show you this similar double top with divergence for a few JSE shares.

And I can go on like this for a host more. It looks as if the Markets need a correction to build up steam to attack these resistances again. There are little momemtum left to break them now .... lets see what happens?

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