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Derek  22 Feb 2018


We made a huge enhancement to FXC2 to smooth it out. We recommend that existing users of TradeFX MUST download the latest version to take advantage of this. I will show the benefit at the end.

After opening positively, the DOW turned south in the last hour. The negative sentiment of the US is also in the East this morning.

Looking at the DOW, I get the impression that we either started leg C of the correction or it is busy forming a J-curve. FrontRunner and FXC2 are negative.

I showed the triangle of Micron Technology before. It had the false break out to the bottom and now it broke out to the top. I was expecting the top break out as it has a strong TrendFactor. If it corrects back to the top of the triangle, it will be an excellent buy.

I showed so many double tops yesterday, lets show some more. Look at the 4 doji's in a row against resistance for JPMorgan Chase to form a double top too. The interesting thing is that we are not in complete overbought territory?

JSE Technical:
I am not convinced that the budget speech sparked a rally before close. I think it was more the US that was positive at that stage that dragged us along.

Kumba Iron ore broke the trend line, came back to touch it again to form a double bottom with divergence. Then the strong gain yesterday.

Barloworld also made a 4.57% gain, but we are still at a double top situation and FrontRunner is not convinced? When these top resistances get broken, we will move into a next bull phase .... until then .... patience ....

FXC2 Enhancement:
I show FXC1 & 2 curves of the HangSeng. The bottom curve is the FXC2, and notice that it is much smoother than FXC1 (the enhancement). From these curves the HeatMaps are generated. I marked the bottom turns generated by these curves.
You need to upgrade your software to get the benefit from this enhancement.

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