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Derek  26 Feb 2018


And the winner was : "The BULLS".(not the rugby team, although they also won) They took control again and markets are all moving positively.

In the end it was a typical J-curve that formed. I show this for the S&P500 and notice that the MACD has also broke up now.

It was the shares with the best Trend Factor that moved the strongest. I show this list on the graph of Best Buy Co (is the name of this co not appropiate?) You can also get this list easily by running Analyst Expert on the S&P500. I marked all the names of the graphs I showed previously. Micron Technolgy, that I showed last week, was the best mover.

JSE Technical:
The JSE will most probably follow the world markets higher today.

Billiton's results did not meet expectations and that made it correct to support. This time it bounced on support with divergence. It only needs to break the negative trend line?

Standard Bank came back to touch its break line and then took the path upwards again. The touching of a break lines you see very often in markets and that is why resistance lines are so important to draw.

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