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Derek  12 Mar 2018


Glad to be back, although the break was great. The Web version was tested and a few adjustments need to be made. Nothing like testing something live. I can see that this will be a valuable asset to have when on leave or away from your PC.

All world markets, excluding the JSE, are synchronized and running positively. The East is strong positive this morning after the US closed strong positively on Friday.

Most indices have broken a trend or resistance line. I show the HangSeng that has broken its trend line this morning. Notice that the previous correction was a classical J-Curve.

The previous correction hardly influenced the list of top trending shares in the US, as most of them are making new highs. I show this list on the graph of Nvidia Corporation. Nividia Corporation is the top trending share and is also about to break resistance and make a new high. You most probably have one of their graphics cards in your PC, I know I have.

JSE Technical:
The JSE is the problem child .... politics????

The one star performer is Naspers. Notice that this graph looks exactly like the HangSeng and it is also breaking the trend line. No magic here, Tencent is the biggest share in the HangSeng.

The other star performer is Discovery. After excellent results, it also formed a J-Curve and has now broken resistance.

Because I was away last week, I will show some more!

Billiton did not meet expectations and that send the share down to support.
Notice the doji sandwich that formed on support and then the bounce on support. I would like to see my 2 trend lines broken too. a Doji Sandwich is two doji's next to each other with thin legs .... you see this seldom, but when you do .... magic.

I conclude with our Poloni saga. Notice how Tiger Brands formed a double top and then started dropping like a rock. Some people say that Enterprise will not survive this saga? Is Tiger Brands also going to join our graveyard? Only time will tell, but in the mean time .... stay away. Look how the TrendFactor also turned red.

NEVER underestimate a double top or bottom!

You must have a great day.
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