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Derek  14 Mar 2018


If you think that the JSE is difficult currently, the US is even more with the unpredictable Trump. His hiring and firing of the Head of State together with uncertainty about international policy was just too much. Markets DO NOT like uncertainty!

With all the uncertainty, markets are without exception negative.

I show the NASDAQ that came back to touch its break line. Is it going to hold? Do notice that we are in overbought territory as the HeatMaps are red.

Xerox is one of the few shares that went against the negative trend and broke resistance with a massive +5.56% rise.

JSE Technical:
I showed Firstrand yesterday, and it did break its trend line. RMB Holdings graph looks much the same, so lets show its break.

While everything else are still negative, lets continue the double top with divergence. I show where Remgro touched resistance twice with divergence.
It is currently still in a negative trend.

WEB Version:
I hope Alwyn will forgive me for showing another sneak preview of the web version. We try to do it a bit differently from other sites. See if you like it?

When you log in, it will bring you to the Dashboard where we show the recent and most viewed shares. You will notice Xerox and RMB Holdings that I viewed this morning. This is a great advantage to see what other people are looking at! Maybe you did not think of looking at that share. The % moves of the day are also shown. You can then still search for any share that is not shown in these lists.

In the chart we show the TrendFactor and the FXC2 Heatmap. I show you Bitcoin for the fun of it that is still in a negative trend.

I will appreciate any comments on the web site? It can be send to

You must have a great day.
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