Mixed signals .... who would have believed?

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Derek  19 Mar 2018


Europe and the US closed positively on Friday. The East has mixed signals this morning with the Nikkei negative and the rest positive.

I show the HangSeng that is busy forming a J-Curve (looks like one - but unconfirmed) and still above the EMA8 line.

Caterpillar is showing rising bottoms and closed above the EMA8 line, but just below my trend line.

JSE Technical:
Who would have believed that Remgro would move into a negative Trend Factor? Look at the divergence at the double top when it started correcting.

Bidvest has made a doji on first support. Keep an eye on this one, but no turn or break of trend lines yet. Notice the divergence similar to Remgro at the top.

Never ignore divergence at top or bottoms. It is usually very accurate, I would be so bold as to say about 98% accurate.

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