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Derek  28 Mar 2018


A guru in the US said that the turn is not here yet. His reason was that the EMA8 line was not broken and that the previous up day was just a positive day in a negative trend. It looks like we might get divergence with FrontRunner at the turn in the end ?

The East is following the negative trend of the US. I show the DOW on a different chart to show the support and resistance zones this program show. Quite a large support zone currently? Notice that the EMA8 line was not broken!

They say: Practice what you preach! Look how I ignored FrontRunners signal yesterday for Bank Of America. When FrontRunner dips below the bottom 3 support lines, it predicts that the bottom has not been reached. When it then makes the bottom with divergence, then it is the bottom. Also notice that the EMA8 line and trend line was not broken.

JSE Technical:
After an enormous correction, INVESTEC is starting to show signs of a turn on support. DO NOTICE that the trend , nor the EMA8 lines are broken. It is only FrontRunner that shows that this might be the bottom. This correction also took Investec into a negative Trend Factor.

Similar situation for Remgro. The first support did not hold and it is on its way to the next support. As they say, do not anticipate the signals, WAIT for it to happen.

UPDATE of TradeFX:
There was a request to rename watchlists. This is now available in the latest version. Just open the watchlist you want to rename and right click in the share list. The rename option will then appear. Do upgrade the program first though.

Have a great day and WAIT for the signals.
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