Derek  4 Apr 2018


The US was in negative territory for most of the evening and only in the last hour some positive moves came in. The East is not convinced of a turn yet and small moves are taking place here.

The S&P500 bounced on the 200 day moving average (support) and broke my trend line.

I had about 200 trend lines set in the US and none broke before the last hour when about 20 broke. The Trade War is still having a negative hesitation in markets.

Goldman Sachs bounced on strong support, but the EMA8 line is not broken yet. Notice how FrontRunner is moving up, ignoring Trump.

JSE Technical:
Bidvest touched my strong support so many times, that I must show it again. Trend line and EMA8 line broken. FrontRunner is making rising bottoms.

There is nothing else exciting to show. Markets do not like this Trade War uncertainty. They do not like uncertainty at all!

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