Derek  6 Apr 2018


Trump is at it again and Asian markers waver after Trump's latest broadside against China.

The US moved strong yesterday before Trump was at it again. I show the S&P500, but do realise that Trump's move could pour cold water over the latest turn. This guy is not healthy for markets as he creates so much uncertainty.

My old favourite, Bank of America, touched strong support 8 times the last 9 days. Then you know this is support. It has now broken trend lines.

JSE Technical:
Your guess is as good as mine how the latest Trump moves will influence the JSE. I can only show how it is now.

Remgro bounced on strong support and broke resist6ance lines.

Spar has now corrected to support and the last few candles show signs of settling. No trend lines are broken yet.

Do not let Trump spoil your weekend, enjoy it to the utmost.
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