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Derek  11 Apr 2018


The strong supports I showed the past few days helped for all the shares to take off like a rocket from this platform.

The East is mixed this morning after the US's strong move. The HangSeng is strong and the rest marginally lower.

Major turns are often associated with divergence. This is the case with the NASDAQ again. I marked the divergence with FrontRunner.

It is no surprise to me that the stocks with the strongest Trend Factor also moved the most. You must never believe that because a share fell the most it will move the most positively. My old favorite, NVIDIA Corporation, is our no 4 Trend Factor share in the S&P500 and was also no 4 best performer yesterday. Notice the divergence on support at its turn.

I want to show the strong support of JPMorgan too. Notice where FrontRunner broke up, where the share was consolidating on strong support. The lagging MACD is only breaking up now.

JSE Technical:
Similar situation on the JSE. It was the strong trend factor shares that moved the most. Kumba jumped +6.71% and its trend factor did not even change to light green with the last correction. Notice the correction pattern as one do not see it too often. First a correction, then consolidation horizontal moves and then the final correction about the same length as the first one. Trend line is now broken!

You see the same pattern as described above for Exxaro. Exxaro is still consolidating on support and I would like to see the first horizontal red resistance line broken.

I heard on the radio them mentioning that the property sector is the worst performer on the JSE currently. Lets have a look. With a trend factor of -14 I am not surprised. Not a sector to be in currently.

You do not have to buy the world on the stock market! Choose a few good trend factor shares and just get their timing right. In the faster moving world, timing is everything! We made it easy in TradeFX where you can create your own watch list to view the charts quickly. Everything is designed for speed as the professional do not want to spend hours to decide what to do.

Enjoy your day.
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