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Derek  12 Apr 2018


The Trade-War "jitters" are still influencing markets. Markets do not like uncertainties.

The Asian markets are largely lower amid global uncertainty.

You can see this uncertainty on the graph of Tencent that is trading just above its EMA8 line and still way below its 50 day moving average. (dark blue)

I see this uncertainty in about every chart in the US. See all the doji's (uncertainty) of Apple just above its EMA8 line.

JSE Technical:
This uncertainty can also be seen on the JSE. Look how FirstRand is moving sideways just above my support line (green) and below the trend line (red).

In the absence of anything exciting to show from Spotlight, I must show something completely diffirent. See how the 50day moving average of Billiton is crossing its 200 day moving average downwards. And the price of Billiton is just below first resistance and above this cross. Long term investors always sees this cross as very negatively?

I will zoom out a bit and show where these crosses happened in the past for Billiton. Any value in it? They talk of the golden cross when it breaks upwards. This one is unfortunately downwards.

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