Trump's latest move boost .... Which pattern to follow?

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Derek  13 Apr 2018


Trump's latest move on the Trade-War boosted US markets to move strong positively. Hopefully sanity will prevail.

Asian markets gain despite 'fragile' investor sentiment.

Back to all my old favorites. Micron Technology broke trend and EMA8 lines to gain +4.18%. Notice where FrontRunner broke up.

NIVIDIA Corporation turned with divergence at the bottom and has since broken all resistance.

JSE Technical:
I was asked yesterday about Sasol. This person see a Head and Shoulder pattern and I see a W pattern playing out. No one can guarantee which one is correct, but while the price is above the EMA8 and trend lines, I stay with my pattern. Notice how I have drawn my latest trend line to give the price some breathing space. I try and draw the trend line as close as possible to the EMA8 line.

RMB Holdings is still hesitating below the red trend line and on the green support line. FrontRunner is ignoring it and happily moving positively.

Enjoy your weekend.
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