Tesla Halts Model 3 production

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Derek  17 Apr 2018


Asian markets are quiet, although China's GDP beat expectations. Excellent results drove the US higher, including results of Bank of America.

Notice that the MACD for the S&P500 has now also broken up. FrontRunne is just steadily moving positively.

New technology takes time to develop and sort out problems. Tesla has now halted the Model 3 production for the second time. Notice how this affected the price against 2 resistance lines. Also notice how the TrendFactor is changing to red. Best to stay away here until problems are sorted.

Not even war influenced Urban Outfitters in the US that is making new highs. Strong Trend Factor.

JSE Technical:
After building their launching pads, Standard bank is the first of the banks to break its trend line substantially.

Shoprite is also busy building its base. Notice that FrontRunner is not in a negative trend anymore. The Price closed just below the EMA8 and trend lines.

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