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Derek  3 May 2018


The US stock market slumps as Fed statement signals few changes to policy. Although the best results are reported in 24 years, the US Market stay subdued.
Asia markets are also following the US lower. Australia is not influenced by the US and steaming ahead +0.85%.

Although the US do not like the Fed policy of steadily rising interest rates, my triangle of the DOW is still holding.

It is still reporting season in the US and Apple gained +4.42% on its results.

Centene Corp also smashed top resistance with its results.

JSE Technical:
The star on the JSE was Sanlam. Notice the divergence I marked with the double bottom.

Anglo American made a J-curve correction and is now making an onslaught on top resistance?

International Revamp:
As all our shares are showing values without decimals and our Indices not, it was very difficult to add shares in this sector. We had a request to add Alibaba and we had to redo the Indices unfortunately too.

When you open the indices now, their data are wrong. Just right click on each index and choose "Reload Data" to correct it. This is unfortunately the quickest way to resolve it and make the path easier to add future international shares.

Alibaba is now available for those who requested it.

Enjoy your day.
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