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Derek  14 May 2018


At the end of this Market Review I will show you how to beat the Indices.

As predicted on Friday, some profit taking took place in the US before the weekend. This morning the East is all positive with the HangSeng leading the pack.

Apple is one of those shares where profit taking took place. It was expected after such a profitable run.

Xerox Corp is one of the shares that was slow out of the starting blocks and only catching up now.

JSE Technical:
The JSE as a whole was underperforming except for one or two shares. They did however started warming up on Friday.

Barloworld bounced on support again! This time FrontRunner however broke its negative trend line. (shown on graph) Lets see if we get a proper lift off this time.

Anglo American made a kind of a J-curve and then blasted off to attack top resistance.

How to beat the Indices:
It is a known fact that only 15% of investors beat the index. I show the AnalystExpert table available in TradeFX. I ran this on the the S&P500 and the shares are sorted in TrendFactor order. The S&P500 gained +2.6% last week, but the top 20 strongest trend shares average gain is +4.5%. So all you have to do is invest in the top best trend shares and get your timing right with the Heatmaps. We made all this easily possible in TradeFX.

Enjoy your day .... and stay away from negative trend shares!
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