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Derek  25 May 2018


Asian markets are cautious after Trump cancels Nort Korea Summit.

My flag of the S&P500 is still holding. No break yet, but it will come! Notice that FrontRunner did not break either and no green bar for the MACD yet.

One of the institutions changed Deere Company from neutral to a buy. Notice the strong trend lately.

JSE Technical:
The JSE is just one correction after the other. We are not one of the favoured investment destinations of the world currently? Even Pick n Pay Stores that I showed a few days ago corrected back to its break line.

And the last thing you must do is announce drop in profits! Massmart did so and lost -17.96% for the day.

Case Study DCP:
Nothing new to add. We are still waiting for positive candle with divergence in place. (marked on chart) Notice that another support was broken. We are following this share to show how signals develop. You can read the previous 2 posts where we started.

You must have a great weekend.
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