TradeFX v1.6.0 Enhancements

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Derek  27 May 2018

The latest upgrade of TradeFX has a few enhancements.

1. You can now turn the Signal Generations on the chart off by choosing the None option. This is handy when a share goes into a trend and you do not want to be influenced by the cyclic HeatMap signals.

2. You can now toggle between cross hairs or an arrow by just left clicking twice on the chart or choosing the option on the right of the chart. This is handy when you want to see where a signal occur on a chart with the cross hair bars.

3. An admin function was added to clean your PC from old delisted shares. If you want up to date lists, you need to run this function. I would recommend this every 6 months.

4. A function was added to remove all trend lines on a chart instead of only one selected. This is handy if you want to start with a clean chart to add new trend lines. Just right click on the chart to access this function.

We trust that you will find these new enhancements useful.
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