Trade-War fears reignited .... Conclusion of Case Study

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Derek  1 Jun 2018


There is just no end to the news that influence the markets. This time Trade-War fears are reignited by US Tariffs.

The East is mixed with no clear direction.

All these fears made the S&P500 correct again, but still inside the flag.

Align Technology was not influenced by all the fear news. Notice the trend line. It is however now making a doji in overbought territory.

JSE Technical:
There were some interesting breaks on the JSE for a change.
Sanlam made a bounce on strong support. The strong support comes from a line drawn from previous tops far to the left not shown on chart. Notice that the negative trend line is not broken yet.

Anglo American broke its negative trend line. Notice the first green bar in the MACD and FrontRunner also breaking up.

Case Study Conclusion:
And then with a 4.97% gain, Dis-Chem finally broke trend and EMA8 lines to move into positive territory.

I just want to recap on the FrontRunners signals. The first bottom of FrontRunner predicted that the bottom of the share price has not been reached. The second bottom predicted that this is the bottom, as it came with divergence.(marked on chart) The 3rd bottom just shows rising bottoms that is positive for the share price. FrontRunner has this prediction ability at the tops too. It does not happen that often, but when it does .... you must take advantage of it. TradeFX is the only software that has FrontRunner as an indicator. You are more than welcome to visit me for a more in depth explanation of FrontRunner. ( - 011 782 4084)

You must have a great weekend.
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