More flag breaks .... JSE catching up

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Derek  5 Jun 2018


It was technology shares that took the Nasdaq to a new high. Small movements in the East this morning.

The S&P500 broke its flag. Notice that FrontRunner broke its negative trend line too.

So did Apple.

Urban Outfitters was one of the strong movers. Notice how this share every time only makes a J-Curve before continuing with its positive trend.

JSE Technical:
It took the JSE a long time to start catching up with world markets, but it wants to do so in 2 days? Most of the shares I showed the past weeks just moved exceptionally well. Instead of showing strong movers, I want to show 2 shares that turned in deap red territory.

Remgro broke its negative trend line and turned with divergence. True bottoms always comes with divergence. Do you notice the double top followed by the abc correction?

Bid Corporation touched strong support 8 times the past 4 months. It broke its trend line and do notice FrontRunners move.

I hope these two shares can climb out of its red trend factor.

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