Markets swing lower after Fed rate hike .... FrontRunner prediction

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Derek  14 Jun 2018


All Markets swing lower after Fed rate hike. Two more increases are expected this year.

The S&P500 broke my tight trend line after the 2 doji's. It is still above the EMA8 line though.

Some technology shares were not shaken by this interest increase. Aetna Inc closed +3.73% higher. If you have been following these posts you will recall the prediction ability of FrontRunner. Here we have one again where a higher high is predicted. This happens when FrontRunner breaks above the overbought red lines!

NextEra Energy made a beautiful "Engulfing Bull" candle, with divergence in oversold territory (green HeatMaps), but was also stalled with the interest hike.

JSE Technical:
I got exited when OldMutual started moving until I saw their fair value price. They are restructuring and a fair price was calculated at R40. It closed on that price below my negative trend line.

Bidvest touched support 4 times and broke its trend line and EMA8 line. The MACD is also breaking up. I will not be surprised if it only starts moving sideways like most JSE shares, at least it looks as if support was found.

FrontRunner Prediction:
FrontRunner can only be found in TradeFX and has a 95% accurate prediction of when a top or bottom has been reached, and when a new high or bottom is still coming. It keeps you in the market when others start taking profit.

Other features of FrontRunner are:
Breaking of trend
Rising bottoms
Falling tops
And the best Divergence ability compared to any indicators.

Enjoy your day.
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