Trade-War fears are correcting markets across the Globe

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Derek  26 Jun 2018


Trump's Trade-War fears are correcting markets across the Globe.

The first sign of stabilising can be seen at the HangSeng this morning. Notice the long leg doji and FrontRunner? It must be confirmed by the next day's move.

lets show the DOW too. No sign of turn here other than closing on the 200 day moving average that usually acts as support. I marked the previous occasions where it closed on the 200 day average.

American Express that I showed yesterday was one of the few shares that went positively in the US. I show Harris Corporation that also went positively in oversold territory and at support.

JSE Technical:
As predicted, the JSE just got hammered again. Another analyst wrote that Naspers share price should actually be R5 000, well that did not help this share as it also closed -3.04% with World Markets.

In the absence of anything posive to show, I want to show EOH. Now that the Guptas are not giving them work anymore, the share is just making new lows. I want to draw your attention to the dark red Trend Factor, meaning shares to avoid.
You would notice that this share has been in a red trend factor for a very long period as the graph I am showing has no other colour.

Corrupted Data:
There was a period where we changed data suppliers and some international data got corrupted. If you are using TradeFX, just right click on the share name in the list that has a funny graph and choose the option "Reload Data". If that does not correct it, please let me know at Thanks.

Enjoy your day.
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