US turning not convincing yet .... Window dressing at JSE?

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Derek  2 Jul 2018


Although The US opened positively, the BEARS managed to do another selloff during the last hour of trading to make all the indices close near the low of the day.
On the graph of the DOW, FrontRunner average and trend line were broken, and the MACD has 2 green bars? We will have to wait for this afternoon to see if positive momentum will continue as the turn is there, but not very convincingly.

You can see the hesitation on the graph of JPMorgan Chase. Intraday it broke the trend line only to close below it again.

Similar for Warren Buffet's company Bershire Hathaway.

JSE Technical:
Let’s hope that the JSE positive day was not just window dressing for the institutions to show better half year results after poor performances?

Instead of just showing shares that turned a while ago, I will show latest turns.
We had some extraordinary moves. Exxaro Resources gained +7.44% to smash trend line and FrontRunner average up.

Netcare also broke its trend line.

Similar for Investec Plc.

TradeFX new version:
General Electric was dropped out of the DOW and replaced with Walgreens. The poor performance of General Electric has cost them dearly. The latest version of TradeFX fixed this change.

You must enjoy your day.
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