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Derek  5 Jul 2018


The US Markets were closed yesterday and the East is all negative except for Australia.

The question came up:"Are we in a full Trade-War?"
New levies came into effect on Sunday and Trump has some more on the cards. We are in a full Trade-War and that can be seen on the Indices. I show the HanSeng where you can see the negative trend line caused by the Trade-War. The Index has now dipped below my next support. Notice that all cyclic signals get ignored with the trend.

JSE Technical:
Allogations of money laundring, corruption etc. send Glencore tumbling. I never liked this share, but now it is completely off my watchlist. Rather stay with Anglo and Billiton. All these allogations are not helping the JSE that already has a long list of tumbling shares. Notice the -8% drop the day before yesterday when the allogations became known.

In the absence of something new I show Investec again. It is still continuing its positive move after the cyclic turn. Notice where the trend line was broken, FrontRunner broke up, MACD bars turned green and all this happened in oversold (green) territory.

Simple System:
As just explained with Investec. Have a system and stick to it! I do the following simple check list before buying:
1 Are we in oversold territory
2 Is trend line broken
3 What is FrontRunner doing?
4 Is the MACD making green bars
5 If divergence is in place, that gives extra magic

If you use too many signals, you will get confused by conflicting signals and for that reason we combined 10 of them together in our cyclic signals.

Enjoy your day.
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