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Derek  12 Jul 2018


Asian markets bounced back strongly this morning. If you think for one moment China is just going to sit back and take Trump's tariffs without reacting .... no way .... who knows what is coming next?

Markets worldwide took a beating yesterday. I show the bounce of the Nikkei that is on the 200 day average where it was 2 days ago. Notice that the trend is still positive at FrontRunner and above EMA8. The Trade-War was just a glitch on the graph.

You did get some shares in the US that dipped below the EMA8 line at opening, but closed positively for the day. Akamai Technologies is one of them. Technically it is still in a positive trend.

JSE Technical:
What to do in circumstances like yesterday. I do nothing. I do not like to be influenced by the herd and avoid over reaction days and stay with the technical signals. Rather wait for things to settle and then see if any action is needed. This advice is for Medium to Long investments.

The Banks corrected the most yesterday. I show RMB Holdings that closed on support and EMA8 line.

New International Shares:
We received a request to add a few more international shares where investments are done. The code in front of the share states in which country the share is listed, eg.:
UK=United Kingdom

Nothing stops you to invest in these shares too? At PSG you can do it locally without opening an account abroad.

Thanks Alwyn for adding these shares.

Enjoy your day.
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