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Derek  13 Jul 2018


World markets are still in a rally after the bounce started. Trade-War is forgotten for now? Analysts are making lists of shares to avoid that is influenced by the Trade-War.

The S&P500 is back where it started to decline with the Trade-War.

Quite a few shares in the US made more than 3% gains. I show Align Technology that gained 4%. Notice where FrontRunner broke up, the MACD bars and HeatMaps changed colour. This is a very simple powerfull system.

Another one of my favourites, Activision Blizzard, broke top resistance with a +3.51% gain. Why is it one of my favourites? .... a Very Dark Green trend factor.

JSE Technical:

Back to the problem JSE that did not follow world markets yesterday.

If you have been following our news, you will remember that I warned about platinum shares. The JPMorgan report said that platinum will have a few poor years ahead. It was just announced that Impala Platinum is going to reduce its workforce. Notice that when a share is in a dark red trend factor, not even the breaking of FrontRunner helps to lift this share much. Rather avoid these shares.

One of our few Green Trend shares is Astral. It is nearing top resistance now, but the trend is still in place.

Update TradeFX Lists:
With all the lists updated, if you are using TradeFX, you also need to update the lists on your PC.
Go to the heading Data and choose the option "Cleanup Delisted".
That should finalise the International list too.

Enjoy your day.
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