All Indices Positive .... Gaps with good results

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Derek  18 Jul 2018


All indices are positive around the Globe .... even the JSE too!

The Indices in the US only hesitated for one day before continuing the bull run. See the trend line on the S&P500.

Charles Schwab Corp did better than expectations and started its positive trend with a gap.

Johnson Johnson did better than expectations and yesterdays gain of +3.54% made it move out of a red trend factor into positive territory again. It still has a lot of lost ground to make up. Notice that this gain also came with a gap.

JSE International:
The unbelievable happened yesterday .... the JSE also followed world markets higher!

The banks did well and Standard Bank had a +3.05% gain. Notice that it is now touching the 200 day moving average (red line) at the bottom. Once it breaks this moving average we can say again that it is in a bull market again.

Anglo America made the classical ABC correction to current support. Notice where the correction started. A double top with divergence. I marked the divergence on the chart.

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