Trump at it again! .... Surprise on JSE?

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Derek  23 Jul 2018


Just when you think Trump is now finished with his Trade-War, he brings out more tariffs. Can they not do the job properly the first time? He wants to have a 3rd bite at the cherry. I shudder on how China is going to react to all of this?

Most Indices worldwide has broken my trend lines. I show the S&P500 and take note that FrontRunner also broke down in an overbought territory.

Asian markets fall, led by Nikkei, amid trade worries. See how the Trend line is also broken in overbought terriitory.

You can see the hesitation in the US market on the graph of Home Depot.
Notice the doji in overbought territory.

JSE Technical:

The JSE completely surprised me to go stronger while world markets are hesitating.

Discovery started to go into a positive trend as shown. Gain on Friday was +4.48%

Many shares on the JSE made the start of a J-curve. To complete the cure, the vertical leg must be completed? I show this for RMB Holdings. All the banking shares look like this. I am sure that the Trade-War worries will also have its effect here.

Brace yourself for what comes next from Trump?

You must enjoy your day.
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