World wide gains .... FrontRunner prediction!

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Derek  25 Jul 2018


We have world wide gains, with only Australia negative this morning.

The last Trade-War scare took most indices only to the EMA8 line, but did not break it. They are now bouncing from this line. See it on the DOW graph.

You can also see this on the graph of Boeing. Notice how I adjusted my trend line!

Exxon Mobil Corporation is bouncing on my trend line.

JSE Technical:
Resources were the best movers on the JSE. After making the abc correction, Anglo America made a +4.33% gain.

Although I showed Dicovery earlier this week, I must show it again. Frontrunner has now broken the top overbought lines, predicting that a higher high is coming. You will most probably get some consolidation before it moves to its final high. I do not know any other indicator that has this prediction ability, if you do, I would like to hear about it?

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