Trump makes concessions .... good results

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Derek  26 Jul 2018


Asian markets are mixed this morning. The US rallied after Trump made concessions to avert a US-EU trade clash .... another Trade-War in the making?

The S&P500 is now well on its way to test top resistance!

Nothing to beat good results. Flir systems smashed top resistance with a +11.79% gain. Notice what FrontRunner is showing! The final high has not been reached.

Advance Micro Devices had the best results in 7 years. Notice that the gain happened long before the results were announced.

JSE Technical:
The loan that was given to Eskom by China made the Rand strengthen and at the same time poured cold water over the Rand Hedges. You can see this on the graph of Remgro.

One of the highlights on the JSE was Sanlam. It is slowly climbing out of a red trend factor.

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