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Derek  27 Jul 2018


The one thing is very certain in the US, if you make your targets and give good prospects, you get awarded. For the opposite, you get hammered. Facebook did the latter and got hammered. Hedgefunds got slaughtered because of their love affair with Facebook.

lets show how one of the 5 top shares in the NASDAQ can influence that index. The index corrected -1.01% due to the drop of Facebook.

And this is what a -18.96% drop looks like in one day for Facebook. a Few things to notice on the graph: 1 It was completely overbought the day before, according to the Heatmaps as indicated. 2 Notice the volume of investors getting rid of the stock.

On the other side of the coin, Advance Micro devices had the best results in 7 years and was awarded with a 14% gain. Notice the volume! I think investors swapped their Facebook shares for AMD?

JSE Technical:
British American Tobacco also announced good results and started a bull run. The trend factor has now moved from dark red to light red and hopefully can move into positive territory again. Notice where FrontRunner broke up.

You might recall me showing the J-curve forming for the banking shares. Well, it is still building on it positively. I show RMB Holdings where the trend is still in tact and no sign of correction yet.

You must have a great weekend and remember never to marry a share! The share has no feelings for you.
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